Shipping & Returns

We, here, at Harbor Fashion, strive to deliver the finest of shopping experience to our customers. While we ensure to offer WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), we understand that you might not be satisfied with what you ordered—or you simply found something much better in our ever-changing collection. In any case, you can easily return the product back to us—as long as it is unused and in new condition.

You can easily start the return process by getting in touch with our customer care representative. The help will return back with what you should do next. Rest assured—things are much quicker and smoother. You can courier back the product to the given address .

The rest is on us. We will do everything to ensure the replacement or refund process is as quick as possible.

  • Choose the right styles

    Offering workout wear that meets the needs and preferences of customers can also create a sense of community and improve the overall atmosphere of the gym or community. By providing comfortable and stylish workout wear, customers are more likely to feel motivated to exercise and enjoy their experience.

  • Choosing the right fabric

    Choosing the right fabric for workout wear is important because it can affect the comfort, performance, and durability of the garment..

  • Offering a variety of colors and print patterns

    Offering a variety of colors and print patterns for workout wear allows customers to express their individual style and preferences, attracts a wider customer base, and strengthens brand recognition.

  • Put your logo

    Putting your logo on workout wear can increase brand recognition, create a sense of community, differentiate your business, and act as a form of advertising.

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